Phil Zamani CEO of Aergo on the current COVID-19 Situation

Phil Zamani (CEO of Aergo) made an official statement regarding the situation with coronavirus:

Dear Aergo Community…I will commit that the QPU and some updated news will be out within the next ten days…but lets all please consider the COVID-19 pandemic that is now sweeping the globe…please take a minute to read my next Coronavirus focused message…thank you for all your support, patience and efforts…Philz
COVID-19 plea from Phil…Dear Aergo community…now is the time to focus on your own and your family’s health; especially in doing everything you can to protect your extremely vulnerable elderly relatives…pls take the Coronavirus-19 pandemic extremely seriously…on average a person with the flu infects 14 more people…with Coronavirus its 60…this applies a 4X pressure on healthcare systems that at best were “just about managing”…pls self isolate (if you believe you have symptoms)…avoid mixing with others as much as possible…maintain at least the 2metre distance when you go out for food/medical supplies…wash your hands thoroughly when you need to…and finally help people in need in your building, street, village or town…if you know they are alone and may need help…pls be safe to help save lives and the millions of healthcare workers around the globe trying to help others (whilst putting themselves at extreme risk for us and our loved ones)…following these sensible measures DOES MAKE AN ENORMOUS DIFFERENCE…be smart…help to save lives…I lost someone extremely close to me over the weekend…it hurts…it hurts a lot…my life will never be the same…don’t have regrets later – when you can do something about this now!…thanks and good luck to all of you… to all of us

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