Newsletter #12 : October

A new Newsletter # 12 with an overview of the most important events in the Aergo ecosystem for the month of October has appeared.

Here is the content of this issue:

Oct 3: Kucoin Agora Emergency Vote AIP 5

Amidst the 66.8M Aergo hack on Kucoin, the Aergo Rapid Response team rolled out a new token contract with a 1:1 swap while freezing the old contract. The community was rounded up to vote on Kucoins guidance for returning AERGO to rightful owners on Kucoin with a majority voting YES.

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Oct 21: Aergo lists on Binance

October was a delightful surprise as we have officially listed on Binance with the AERGO/BTC & AERGO/BUSD trading pairs LIVE.

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Oct 23: BTX.Captial Invests $1.5M in AERGO

BTX.Capital, a leading crypto investment bank that aims to provide professional advisory services across the blockchain spectrum, recently invested $1,500,000 USDT in AERGO.

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Oct 28: $60,000 in AERGO Trading Competition on Binance

The Binance and AERGO Team have also commited and launched a Trading Competition on the exchange with a prize pool worth $60,000 in AERGO to celebrate the recent listing. Competition closes 2020/11/04 11:59 PM(UTC).

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Oct 30: 2 New Proposals on Aergo Agora

(AIP:6) – Annual staking rewards from the foundation and (AIP:7) – Joining the DTT Alliance launched on Aergo Agora. This is great news for the community and Aergo, you may cast your votes on

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