Markets сorrection

After a sharp increase in the last month, Aergo token prices went down. Currently, the cost of one token fluctuates at the level of $ 0,036 – $ 0,0375.

The volume of daily trading decreased to average over recent months and amounted to slightly less than $ 2 million. Lower prices reduced the capitalization of the project to less than $ 10 million.

The downtrend is traced throughout the cryptocurrency market. BTC fell below $ 10,000, Ethereum is trading below $ 264. The total capitalization of the cryptocurrency market dropped to $ 277 billion.

Traders did not decide on the further direction of movement. Altcoins prices follow the movement of Bitcoin.

Aergo token prices remain very undervalued. There is a good opportunity to replenish your portfolio at really attractive prices.

We will continue to monitor the situation.

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