Interview with CEO of Crispy Whales (Banana Clips)

On April 12, 2021, an interview with the head of Crispy Whales (Banana Clips) appeared on Aergo’s official Youtube channel.

You can familiarize yourself with the content of this interview on our website below:

Banana Clips is an online marketplace, created by Crispy Whale, where video content creators can sell or purchase short clips using web and mobile applications. Anyone with a smartphone can easily upload videos and anyone can easily search and purchase them via the web.

The uploaded short clips are analyzed by an AI system, and then unique steganography is implanted in each short clip through a copyright management system to be used for identification and verification. The watermarked short clips are stored and protected over the AERGO platform Video content production and/or editing professionals using Banana Clips can purchase short clips and may use them free from copyright infringement through professional and advanced search methods.

CRISPY WHALES aims to provide a transparent marketplace through Banana Clip to ensure various short clips are securely provided and that each user can be fairly compensated. Furthermore, the company’s goal is to create a transparent and ethical culture by establishing a video copyright verification system, based on AERGO, that can be shared worldwide.

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