Current market situation for AERGO tokens

The price of the main cryptocurrency BTC almost halved this week, what affected on all the other altcoins. We have already reported that Aergo tokens have updated their all time low.

But, at the moment, Aergo tokens are showing strength and are growing in relation to both BTC and ETH.

The price of Aergo has declined in dollar terms, but only because the entire cryptocurrency market has declined.

If we look at the quotes Aergo / BTC and Aergo / ETC, we will see stable levels.

Chart 1. Aergo / BTC. Kucoin exchange.

Chart 2. Aergo / ETC. Kucoin exchange.

We can observe a smooth growth in relation to major currencies. Currently, the growth in the price of Aergo tokens to BTC 11% and ETH 13%.

For a steady increase in the value of tokens, the overall growth of the cryptocurrency market is necessary.

General negative trends in world markets, falling oil prices, the largest one-day drop in US and European stock markets over the past 30 years, global fears in the world due to the coronavirus epidemic – all this negatively affects all assets. Even a defensive asset such as gold, fell 5% at auction on Friday.

Panic and confusion reign in the markets so far.

Prices for Aergo tokens after updating their historical minimum, show a leading rebound, rising up more than 10% from $ 0.016.

Overall, the price of the Aergo token is around $ 0.02. With the current Circulating Supply in the amount of 264 019 890 tokens, the project capitalization is only $ 5.2 million, which positions it among the first 380 projects to the total capitalization. Trades are held in a calm mode, with average volumes of about $ 2 million per day, which we have been observing for several months.

We will continue to monitor the situation and inform you.

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