Completion of AERGO smart contract migration

Dear Aergo Community,  AERGO tokens have been reissued 1:1 via a new smart contract, and automatically distributed to the holders of the previous token. This will cause the previous contract address and tokens obsolete.

 Then new AERGO token contract address is as below


Our team is working with third parties to update AERGO’s new smart contract address accordingly.

In the meantime, please add a custom token on Myetherwallet, Metamask and similar wallets to display the new tokens.

Please do NOT use the old smart contract address in any activities including OTC deals.

All previous AERGO tokens will become worthless and won’t have any impact on the secondary market.  

We have notified our official exchanges of the new contract address.

As soon as the exchanges migrate to the new AERGO contract address, trading and deposit/withdrawals will be available again.

Thank you, AERGO community for your support and patience!!

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