Coinmarketcap Circulating Supply of Aergo is updated

Today a long-awaited event took place – the resource updated the indicators for the Circulating Supply of the Aergo Project. For several months, the Aergo team approached Coinmarketcap employees with statements about changes in this indicator, but it remained at the level of 103 million tokens.

The invariance of this indicator, its inconsistency with real indicators created a negative external background among the community of Aergo lovers, investors, and became a serious factor in the decision to purchase tokens on the exchange.

The change in the indicator significantly affected various aspects. The current indicator of Circulating Supply is now 264 019 890 tokens, market capitalization rose immediately to $ 11 million, moving the Project in the ranking to 334 place.

The change also significantly affected the daily trading volume, which grew from the usual 2 to 4 million dollars.

At the moment, there is a general growth in the cryptocurrency market and any positive news is spurring asset growth. The growth in the cost of Aergo tokens over the past 24 hours is 25%!

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