AERGO community to vote on awarding second incubation investment to CRISPY WHALES


23 марта на официальной странице Aergo в Medium вышла статья от Jae Nam, посвященная сотрудничеству с CRISPY WHALES.

Приводим ее содержание ниже:

Do you know about “short clips”?

Short clips are short videos that improve the overall quality of video content, by inserting short scenes. Short clips are used in various videos such as YouTube, advertisements, and news. Content businesses like YouTube, where over 500 hours of videos are uploaded each minute, use a variety of diverse short clips.

Below is a 30 seconds campaign video that was produced using the short clips we provided. Could you figure out how many short clips were used in this video?

How many short clips are there?

Video content editors acquire short clips from taking videos by themselves or purchasing from other sources. They spend a lot of time struggling to resolve copyright issues when purchasing from various sources. Videos posted on YouTube are frequently taken down for copyright infringements and/or violations. For YouTube, it is difficult to detect copyright infringements in the vast content library.

CRISPY WHALES has created Banana Clips, to address these issues.

Banana Clips is an online marketplace where video content creators can sell or purchase short clips using web and mobile applications. Anyone with a smartphone can easily upload videos and anyone can easily search and purchase them via the web.


Banana Clips provides 3-big features:

  • Uploading and searching short clips,
  • Preserving copyrights of short clips and protecting contracts between buyers and seller
  • Tokenizing short clips and rights.

Banana Clip users can easily upload their own videos and receive rewards through sales. Searchable metadata and simple recognizable keywords are extracted from the uploaded short clips via our AI system. In addition, emotional keywords like ‘warm’, ‘afraid’, ‘sad’, etc. are extracted through our patented AI algorithm which provides a search function that allows downloaders to easily search for the right short clips without professional knowledge.

The uploaded short clips are analyzed by our AI system, and then unique steganography is implanted in each short clip through our copyright management system to be used for identifying and verifying later. The watermarked short clips are stored and protected over the AERGO platform. We believe that the fast transaction speed and the strong security of AERGO is the best solution to provide the appropriate environment to protect and verify the copyright of short clips. Additionally, the short clips are used in a variety of ways when purchased and 3rd party protection lends credibility. Banana Clips provides a contract management system using fingerprint technology on the AERGO platform and protects rights for buyers and sellers.

Uploaders can sell their ownership of short clips at any time in the form of a non-fungible token (NFT) with their unique value in Banana Clips. However, a contract to purchase rights of usage for a short clip would be a common case in our service. The unique value of it is determined by the value derived from the short clip and the contract. In order to enable trading, we are proposing to develop a new token protocol; a re-fungible token (RFT) which is a separate token value from non-fungible token (NFT).

Video content production and/or editing professionals using Banana Clips can purchase short clips and may use them free from copyright infringement through professional and advanced search methods. The unique token for each short clip issued can be traded to other users, so the sustainable value will further boost the market. In addition, NFTs or RFTs issued in this process will be valued and traded in the market, providing transparent compensation to uploaders.


CRISPY WHALES aims to provide a transparent marketplace through Banana Clip to ensure various short clips are securely provided and that each user can be fairly compensated. Furthermore, our company’s goal is to create a transparent and ethical culture by establishing a video copyright verification system that can be shared worldwide.

Within Banana Clips, content creator’s efforts will be paid at a fair price, the diverse values of the world will be brought together, and users will have a great collaborative experience.

CRISPY WHALES will work with AERGO to provide tools that will make it easy for content creators to exchange their creativity and have their work protected. We will collaborate together to create a world where the creator’s contents are respected.

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