AERGO Tech Roadmap Update 2020

An update to the technological roadmap for the development of the project for the whole of 2020 and the beginning of 2021 appeared. The project team made a statement:

What a challenging time it has been. While the world is amidst a crisis, the Blocko & Aergo team has been hard at work in ensuring our deliverables are being met. With that we’d like to share with you our 2020 Tech Roadmap!

Dear Aergo Community,

It gives us great honour to present to you our Tech Roadmap for 2020! A core focus for the team has been to make sure that milestones are being met in a number of areas. From the Aergo Enterprise which we had launched not long ago, our Aergo Connect browser wallet, Aergo Agora (Aergo’s project governance — more info to come), Aergo Hub MVP, and Aergo Hub 2.0.

Roadmap Overview


Aergo Enterprise 2.0

  • Enhanced UI/UX
  • Performance X1.5

Aergo Connect 2.0 (Browser Wallet)

  • New Designs & New Features
  • Integration with Ledger Nano S


Aergo Agora (Project Governance)

  • Decentralized, Transparent Governance
  • Democratic Token Management
  • Project Financing for Aergo Ecosystem


Aergo Hub MVP

  • Public Interface for Serverless Computing
  • Microservices with Powerful Aergo dApps


Aergo Hub 2.0

  • Integrated Token Economy
  • PaaS/CD/CI for dApps

Further detail on each of these updates will be announced soon enough. Furthermore, the team has been full on focusing on the last (and very much awaited) Aergo QPU — Quarterly Project Update which is due to release very soon; so stay tuned!

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