Aergo Newsletter #8

The Latest newsletter for a January recap and what to expect coming next has published.

Here are the main topics:

January 10: Aergo Updates Swap Site
We’ve updated our AERGO Swap Site with a cleaner UI for users looking to swap between BEP2, ERC20, or AERGO Native.

January 21: Improved Configuration for Block Propogation

In this article on AERGO Network 2.0, we’ve detailed the role of peers in the internal and external network and a system that effectively saves network costs between nodes better than before.

January 22: AERGO Upgrades Mainnet to v2.1.0

This release contains a number of improvements and features, such as (P2P) Peer roles that can be assigned as Producers, Agents, or Watchers – which makes network configuration easier and more stable.

January 29: Aergo Merkle-Bridge Testnet Release

The Merkle Bridge is a method to verify an assets status securely by using Merkle proofs between two different blockchain networks. With the introduction of the Merkle Bridge DApp, this makes it easy to move assets between the Merkle Bridge via the Web UI.

Mobile World Congress 2020 Barcelona 24-27 Feb

Look out as we’ll be attending the MWC in Barcelona, and many more in 2020!

TTA Korea Measures AERGO Enterprise 2.1.0 Performance

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