E24P.com website was updated

We already wrote about plans to launch e24p to promote blockchain technologies in MENA, China and Europe.

The company’s web page has been updated. The project begins its work. You can familiarize yourself with the e24p Team on their official website, ask your questions, clarify development plans and latest news.

The site has detailed information on the ways and methods of the company.

You can also find information about a recent important event in the development of e24p, on the conclusion of a cooperation agreement between the Islamic Research and Training Institute (IRTI) and E24P in creating an innovative credit-based system based on the blockchain (Smart Credit Management).

On the site you can find information about training programs from the company:

You can also register for individual training programs in the 4th quarter in Abu Dhabi (UAE).

Top managers of the company have vast experience in the blockchain industry, participated in many successful projects. The bulk of the team was involved in the development of the Aergo Project, including co-founder and CEO of Aergo Phil Zamani.

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