AMA OKEx and AERGO passed successfully

AMA proceeded as follows:
Part 1: Introduction (review of the blockchain project Aergo from the administrator of the OKex group in the Telegram channel) and guests (Aergo representatives) answered some of the questions that were prepared earlier.

Hunyoung Park (Chief Technology Office) and Jae Shin AERGO (Chief Marketing Officer) were special guests today.

Part 2: Members of the Group in the telegram channel could ask questions of interest to them. Unusual activity was noted, over 2000 questions were asked within minutes! The guests had to choose the 5 best questions after the AMA.

The following participants have become the winners and happy owners of $ 2,500 in AERGO tokens:

@Tony253210,  @DaniMura,  @ndbetting @Misun1 @Olexander_55 

We express our gratitude to all the participants and organizers of the AMA.

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