Aergo Q3–2019 Quarterly Project Update has been published!

QPU3 (Quarterly Project Update) is live! You can read it here.

This is the third very important document in this year, where you can find the most important, strategic information on the development of the project AERGO.

An important feature of Aergo, which distinguishes this Project from many others, is the high level of reporting. The Project management of its own free will illuminates the current state of affairs, the main aspects of activity, the main directions of the future development of the Project.

This time the QPU has 38 pages.
The main topics are: 3Q-2019 Results, 4Q-2019 Strategy & Focus Areas, a lot of important and interesting information about Financial Spend and Budget, updated Token Metrics Information, Token Reserves, relationship between Aergo and Blocko.

On the official page of Aergo in Medium we can read a comment of the project team on the report:

Aergo Q3–2019 Quarterly Project Update

Reflection from the CEO and CTO of AERGO, Q3–2019 recap, our Q4–2019 Strategy & Focus Areas, new opportunities, partnership & ecosystem buildouts, a deepening of Blocko Relationship, a full financial update, use of Funds in 2019, token reserves and updated token metrics, and much more! Read it now.

The QPU is a document we release every quarter to summarize our performance in the previous period as well as our plans moving forward. The Q3–2019 QPU goes over how we performed in Q3, then what to expect moving ahead.

We would like to say that great strides have been taken in the third quarter of 2019 to achieve incredible feats since releasing our Mainnet. From the introduction of key Aergo products as part of the Aergo Enterprise suite, expanding to new frontiers and industries, to several key developments which are well covered in our Q3–2019 QPU.

Our go-forward plan for the rest of the year will encompass 5 key areas. Touching base on Aergo Mainnet 2.0, Aergo Orchestration™, several large transformation projects by 2020 in the Middle east, Node providers and integrator sign-ups (hint: Telcos), and closing prospective lighthouse customers.

The Q3–2019 QPU includes:

  • A full one-year reflection on the Aergo project, and the results achieved by the Aergo Organization during the prior months.
  • A complete overview of our go-forward strategy and key focus areas.
  • Details of our key decision to focus on two major markets to accelerate our business traction.
  • An update to our deepened partnership with Blocko in both technology and business development efforts.
  • An explanation on we are organising and assigning our resources (people and investments) to support these plans.
  • A summary of our latest finances, use of funds, treasury as well as updated token metrics.
  • Answers to key questions raised by our community followers, token holders and other stakeholders.

We remain committed to delivering our long-term vision of making Aergo one of the leading trust-based digital platforms of the future.

The journey is long; the challenge is great. The opportunity is even greater.

As always, we invite and welcome feedback on this report from our stakeholders.

The famous Greek philosopher, Socrates, was right about what he said 2,500 years ago: engage and listen to learn more…ignore predictions by experts…challenge and validate all assumptions.

In short, work it out by executing (doing). This is the Aergo way.

Later we will release a series of articles with an overview of all the details of the quarterly report.

Read the Aergo Q3–2019 QPU by clicking here

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