Aergo Newsletter #11

The next Monthly Bulletin with an overview of the most important events in July has been released.

You can see all the events that took place in the Aergo ecosystem over the past month below👇

#11 – Aergo, Blocko, Samsung, DeFi, and more..

July 18: Launch of Aergo Chronos

We released 3 major announcements to kick off July.

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July 21: Aergo agreement with Blocko for DeFi dApp incubation and Sourcing support for Samsung Blockchain Service

Aergo signed an agreement with Blocko to select dApps and provide sourcing support for ‘Samsung Blockchain Service’. Aergo will also support dApps that are already released, along with existing applications/services which would convert into dApps. With a strong focus on DeFi.

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July 22: Aergo Listing on OKEx – 400,000 AERGO Trading Competition

We have listed on OKEx to provide further exposure of our ERC-20 Token to the spot markets for AERGO/BTC and AERGO/USDT pair – along with 400,000 AERGO trading competition.

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July 24: Aergo Agora: Aergo Governance Network (DAO

The Aergo Governance Network — Aergo Agora. In this Article we touch base on frequently asked questions on our developments towards a DAO — The Aergo Steering committee, and our Aergo Agora Execution plan.

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July 30: Aergo x OKEx AMA

We conducted an AMA in the OKEx community with CTO Hunyoung Park and CMO Jae Shin. Covering a number of areas, we’ve posted a recap article in case you missed out.

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